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Program/Project Management

The ideal project, like an ideal airplane flight, is uneventful. The goal is for things to go pretty much as expected. Achieving this no-suprises ideal, however, takes a lot of skill. (How many projects go awry?)

Our management principle of "Frictionless Management" means not only no surprises, but managing to reduce time spent on management and increase overall time and cost spent on direct effort--just like lubricant in a car allows all parts to work together with as little friction as possible. Frictionless Management also uses several mechanisms to identify and prevent potential problems early on, before they become disasters.

We can help establish and implement a plan that fits each project's unique needs in many different ways. Examples of project-related services:

  • Creation / review of a project plan
  • Scope and requirement definition, quantification, and documentation
  • Analysis of assumptions
  • Risk analysis and mitigations
  • Process analysis for workflow
  • Change control and response to problems
  • Troubled project reconstruction and recovery
  • Efficient, easy, automated reporting mechanisms
  • Information flow (communications) for appropriate visibility to support early problem detection and optimal decision making

A carefully constructed project management structure, from the plan to the final report, is an essential mechanism for integrating your priorities and philosophies into the efficient day-to-day running of the organization. We emphasize management practices that facilitate rather than interfere, allowing executives to focus on high-level decisions and workers to maximize time on task.

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