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Garton Consulting Services can help your business in many ways, without the long-term commitment of full-time staff. One specialty is helping small, high-tech startups obtain and manage government grants and contracts.

Other services include the following:
  • Obtaining and managing Government Contracts
  • Managing Technical Projects, especially software development
  • Proposal Writing
  • Conference Management
  • Office Productivity Enhancement
Please feel free to contact Garton Consulting Services with your questions, ideas, and feedback at

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The SBIR program offers over $1 billion to small businesses for innovative research and development. Our easy-to-read overview, SBIR Basics, summarizes the main points of the program and offers strategies for winning.

Cost-Incurred Proposal Tips. Businesses with over $500,000 of government business often have to complete a Cost-Incurred Proposal each year. Click here for a list of tips to avoid the most common problems and rework.

Produce Government invoices automatically from QuickBooks data. With minimal setup in QuickBooks we can provide .PDF files of Standard Form 1034 and continuation sheet 1035 directly from QuickBooks data. Eliminate hassles in filling out Government invoices, errors, miscalculations. Contact for details.
Project Management
Spend your time on task, not on paperwork, while reducing lifecycle costs, time, and risk.

Using our Frictionless Management approaches, we save you money by reducing management workload and increasing everyone else's direct time on task. You and your staff have more time to do what you do best.

Avoid the overlooked clause that can cost thousands of dollars and weeks of rework.

Let us make sure you meet contract requirements and get paid on time.

Grant Writing Support
Generate additional funds for research and development. Expand your intellectual property base.

There are thousands of programs awarding billions of dollars each year. We can work with you as a reviewer/advisor or grant writer to obtain this money for your business.

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